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Autumn’s Here: Foodie Fun in Japan!

Autumn in Japan means one thing – amazing food! This is the time when the tastiest treats come out to play. If you’re planning a trip or you just love food, get ready to enjoy the yummiest flavors of autumn in Japan!

Roasted Sweet Potatoes: A Must-Try Snack!

Imagine biting into a warm, sweet, and delicious roasted sweet potato – it’s the most popular snack of the season! Japanese sweet potatoes have purple skin and golden flesh, and they’re roasted to perfection. No need for extra flavors – they’re naturally sweet and oh-so-good. You’ll find them everywhere, from supermarkets to special yakiimo trucks that drive around town.

And guess what? There are also lots of sweets and drinks made from sweet potatoes or flavored like them. Yum!

Sweet potato sweets (image)

Chestnuts: Autumn’s Nutty Delight

When fall comes, it’s time for chestnuts! You can easily find stalls selling both sweet and savory roasted chestnuts at markets and parks, even at the supermarket. They come in a paper bag – perfect for snacking as you stroll!

But wait, there’s more! Chestnuts also make the famous kuri-gohan, which is rice with chestnuts on top. Families love this dish during autumn.

Kuri-gohan (chestnut rice)

Just like with sweet potatoes, you can find all sorts of chestnut-flavored treats – from traditional chestnut youkan to fancy mont blanc sweets available at cafes, restaurants, and stores.

Chestnut youkan

Mont blanc sweets

Fresh Rice: The Best of the Harvest

Speaking of autumn, you can’t miss out on the super tasty shinmai – it’s new rice that’s harvested just for this season. It’s sweeter and more delicious than any other kind of rice of the year. You can enjoy it in dishes like kuri-gohan. Make sure to grab some from September to December when it’s available at supermarkets!

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