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Autumn Is Just In The Corner!

Delicious foods are awaiting in autumn! The season is known as the harvest season which produces foods in perfect taste. There are some foods you can expect to enjoy deliciously during the fall season in Japan!

Yakiimo (Roasted Sweet Potato)

This might be the most popular autumn snack! Japan’s sweet potato comes in purple skin and fresh yellow flesh, roasted just the way it is without adding butter or any other seasonings as it already has a gentle sweetness. It is available in hot to warm your body during the cool autumn breeze. You can find it sold everywhere from supermarkets and convenience stores to yakiimo trucks that drive around the town.

Moreover, there will be a variety of sweets and drinks made from sweet potatoes or comes in sweet potato flavors.

Sweet potato sweets (image)

Kuri (Chestnuts)

Kuri or chestnuts is the other autumn taste as popular as yakiimo. You can easily find stalls selling sweet and savory roasted chestnuts at the shopping arcades, parks, also at the supermarket. Get it in a paper bag and have it together with you!

Besides having it roasted, the chestnut is also used to make a kuri-gohan or chestnut rice, where a rice bowl comes with chestnut as its topping! This is also a popular home food during autumn.

Kuri-gohan (chestnut rice)

Together with the sweet potato, you will easily find sweets and drinks made from chestnut or comes in chestnut flavors! If you are looking for Japanese sweets, you can go for chestnut youkan, a simple jelly-like dessert with chestnut in it. If you are a cake-lover, you can go for mont blanc (French style chestnut puree) sweets which are available from supermarkets and convenience stores to cafes and restaurants!

Chestnut youkan

Mont blanc sweets

Shinmai (New Rice)

Talking about autumn, we cannot miss its delicious shinmai! Shinmai refers to newly harvested rice, which comes sweeter and tastier than other rice in the year, perfect to have in kuri-gohan!. The shinmai is mostly available from September to December, so make sure to get it in hand once you find shinmai available at supermarkets!

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