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Immerse Yourself in the Autumn Breeze at Kawaguchiko Lake

When it comes to autumn in Japan, you must think of Momiji Gari(紅葉狩り)or autumn leaves hunting in the mountainous area such as Nikko and Kawaguchiko Lake.
To meet your expectation, we will show you how to enjoy it in a Muslim-friendly way for your next visit to Japan after this pandemic settles.

Kawaguchiko Lake, Recommended Travel Destination to Enjoy Autumn

Kawaguchiko Lake is known as one of the Fuji Five Lakes which is located in the north part of Mt. Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture. Around Kawaguchiko Lake, we can enjoy a variety of sightseeing spots such as a ropeway, cruising, monkey theater, camping sites, and so on. This Fuji area has been associated with the Japanese local indigenous religion due to its massive nature since a long time ago. The lake was designated a World Cultural Heritage in 2013.

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Especially in autumn (basically in November), they have a Momiji Matsuri or Autumn Leaves Festival. So, it is said November is the best season for thoroughly enjoying autumn here in Kawaguchiko Lake.

 Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway

This ropeway is connected to the observatory deck 460 m long, which takes 3 minutes to ride. The ticket costs 900 yen for a round trip. On the observatory deck, you can see Mt. Fuji closely and the broad view of the whole of Kawaguchiko Lake.
About Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway:

the Kawaguchiko Lake Sightseeing Cruise

This cruise takes you around Kawaguchiko Lake for about 20 minutes. This activity is highly recommended to feel the air of autumn in Japan! The ticket costs 1,000 yen for an adult.
About the Lake Kawaguchiko Sightseeing Cruise:

Food Options for Muslim

In many cases, looking for a restaurant take the most time in making an itinerary, especially traveling outside of Tokyo. Today, we will introduce 2 Muslim-friendly places to enjoy meals in Kawaguchiko Lake.


Houto is a noodle dish with wide and thin udon noodles simmered with pumpkins, negi (leek), shiitake mushrooms, and potatoes in a miso-based soup. It is known as the soul food of Yamanashi Prefecture and is very famous. This dish is a must to try if you come to this area.

 Aladdin Indo Restaurant

If you are in trouble finding consumable food on your trip, it is definitely a safe option to eat at an Indian restaurant. About Aladdin Indo Restaurant:

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Newly Opened Mosque

FujiKawaguchiko Masjid is a mosque that opened in 2020. In the same building, there is a Halal café that allows you to take a break during the packed schedule of the trip.About FujiKawaguchiko Masjid:

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