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Halal Dining ASEAN Forum 2021 organized by Singapore’s company, Crescentrating Pte. Ltd., was held on 15 December with the theme of  “Increasing Halal Food Diversity at Destinations” inviting Food Diversity Inc.,’s Kaiji Wada as a panelist and discussed about the current situation in each country and efforts for after-COVID19.
Persons in charge from Biztel company, the Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan Tourism Board took the stage at the conference, shared about the damage to the tourism industry in each country after the coronavirus outbreak and the government’s efforts to recover.

The main topics discussed are the following three points.
1. Efforts to deal with halal for Japanese food manufacturers and restaurants.
2. Challenges of businesses in dealing with halal.
3. Development of halal support in after-COVID19.

Despite the fact that each country is suffering from corona, the conference reminds us to the importance of a constant implementation measures for international tourists, including Muslims, which we can expect in the future.

Watch full conference here (in English)