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The Awaited Detective Conan World is Back!

Universal Studios Japan announced that “Detective Conan World” will appear in the limited-time event, “Universal Cool Japan 2022”, where five leading entertainment brands will gather together, according to PR Times on 8 December 2021.

Credit to : PR Times

The Detective Conan World is planned to be available from 4 March to 28 August 2022, will be super exciting that allows visitors to enjoy overwhelming attractions. The event will bring challenging four “ultra-real” mysteries beyond imagination, including the real escape game “Detective Conan the Escape” which is back after two years.

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Four Attractions to Looking Forward To!

1. Detective Conan The Escape (real escape game)

This is the most popular attraction each time that record 99% satisfaction of the experiencers (according to questionnaire of Universal Cool Japan in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020) that uses screen images, various special effects, and full-scale live performances unfolding in front of you!

Credit to : PR Times

2.Detective Conan x Hollywood Dream The Ride

The attraction comes in the type of “Story Coaster”, where the voices and sounds of the characters echo realistically in your ears and you can experience the rushing feeling of the ride while entering the world of the story.

3.Detective Conan Mystery Challenge

Enjoy the “Real Detective Experience” of Detective Conan Mystery Challenge that needs you to solve cases over the park!

4.Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant

The attraction allows visitors to challenge food x mystery experience!

Halal Places in Universal Studios Japan

The Red Lobsters restaurant located in front of the park is the only restaurant that serves Muslim-friendly meals. Note that you will need to get a re-entry stamp from the staff in the entrance gate and please mention that you are going to have halal lunch.

However, we still couldn’t find prayer room inside or outside the park, so we might advise to look for silent places with less people to pray and bring your own pray equipment.

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