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That Famous Miso Nikomi Udon Restaurant “Yamamotoya Ookute” Offers New Flavor of Its Signboard Dish!

In these recent years, Yamamotoya OokuteHappy Cow Link) brought up Nagoya’s soul food, miso nikomi udon (miso-stewed udon) without using fish broth as the response to the needs of vegetarian and vegan customers. Now they offer a new product, mushroom flavor miso-nikomi udon which is available for purchase on Yamamotoya Ookute shop.

The product uses various mushrooms and kelp to create a rich taste of soup stock and was introduced to vegetarian and vegan customers, but then gained popularity among regular customers as “another taste of miso-nikomi udon“.

Mushroom flavor miso-nikomi udon

Enjoy the nostalgic taste at home

Yamamoto Y Ookute is long-established miso-nikomi udon in Nagoya, which stands since the Taisho era. This time, customers can enjoy the taste of miso-nikomi udon set at home, under the supervision of the craftsman for 60 years. The products packed are the same as those prepared at the shop. Enjoy the real taste of high-quality miso-nikomi udon.

◆Content (for 1 serving)
・Mushroom broth pack (1 pcs)
・Quick-frozen handmade raw noodles (about 120 g)
・Miso (about 120 g)

◆About Yamamotoya
Yamamotoya is  miso nikomi udon specialty restaurant founded in Osu, Nagoya in 1925. There are several shops of Yamamotoya that are located mainly in the center of Nagoya city, but Yamamotoya Ookute is particular about the old-fashioned taste at the time of its establishment. Yamamotoya Ookute’s chef prepares carefully all the foods every morning and particularly uses ingredients produced from Aichi Prefecture.

◆The Noodles
[Traditional manufacturing method handed down from the Taisho era] The noodles at Yamamotoya Okute uses domestic wheat flour and are handmade at the store. The noodles available in the online shop are also handmade by the chef after receiving an order and processed using instant freezing technology to prevent the quality from deteriorating so that customers can enjoy the fresh yet chewy noodles which are not factory-produced.

◆The Miso
The shop uses hatcho-miso that was fermented for 3 years from “Kakukyuu”, a hatcho-miso producer for 19 generations which stands since 1645 (the beginning of the Edo era). The hatcho-miso blended with a special traditional recipe to create great harmony in miso-nikomi udon, which is made carefully by the craftsmen every morning

◆The Soup Stock
At Yamamotoya, the soup stock is prepared every morning. It is made from shiitake mushrooms and kelp, blended carefully by the chef to create a soup stock pack that is suitable for online shipping.

* The photo is used as an image. Some ingredients are not included in the products. You can arrange the meals by adding the ingredients to your liking.
* Quick freezing technology “Blast Chiller” is used to freeze the noodles to prevent deterioration of the quality. Please be sure to freeze it after arrival and consume it within 1 month from the date of manufacture.
* The noodles use buckwheat flour. If you have allergies, please be careful.
* Package is subject to change without notice.
* This product is strictly prohibited from being purchased for commercial purposes, such as resale. If found, legal action may be taken.

Yamamotoya Ookute

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