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Even halal restaurants are not as accessible as regular non-halal restaurants, there are cases where Japanese don’t even notice that they are visiting a halal restaurant or having halal foods.

Today, we take one of our non-Muslim Japanese friends, Kouji Jepun to Ayam-YA Shin-Okachimachi (Tokyo) to ask his opinion having halal ramen.

We often heard that most Japanese are not good at having spicy foods, but surprisingly, Kouji loves spicy foods as he ordered the spicy shoyu (soy sauce) ramen.

In the Japanese way, you should have the soup first before having the noodles or toppings. At the first sip, Kouji surprised at how rich and tasty, and of course spicy, the soup is. He then, again, was surprised at how excellent the combination between noodles and soup was.

The ramen was splendid, as he mentioned that the Japanese will not notice that they are eating halal ramen. He pointed how the ramen comes just like the Japanese tori paitan ramen, brings its original taste, and halal!

Watch how fun it was on the video below!