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IPPUDO’s Expansion of Plant-Based Akamaru Ramen

The IPPUDO’s specialty, “Plant-based Akamaru Ramen Ver. 2.0″ starts on sale from 4 December 2021, available in limited time and limited quantity in 11 IPPUDO’s shops within Japan. In addition to its dried noodle type “IPPUDO plant-based ramen Shiromaru and Akamaru (for 2 servings) available on IPPUDO’S Official Online Store (in Japanese) that also starts from the same date.

According to its press release, “Plant-based Akamaru Ver.2.0) is the version upgrade of the plant-based Akamaru that starts on sale on February 2021, which reproduces the same satisfaction of IPPUDO’s signature dish “Akamaru Shinmi” without using animal products.

The soup uses a soy milk-based soup base, kelp stock, porcini mushrooms, etc. to reproduce the mildness, umami, and richness of tonkotsu (pork bone) soup. The char siu (roasted meat)-like topping has been significantly renewed from the previous product, using 3 types of chickpeas, kouya tofu (freeze-dried tofu), soy meat, and chopped lotus root to create a chewy texture. In addition to this,  kinoko MIX (sautéed 3 types of mushrooms), green onions, bean sprouts, spicy miso are topped.

The “Plant-based Akamaru Ver. 2.0″ is available with a price of 1,100 yen (including tax), limited from 4 December 2021 (ends as soon as it runs out)

IPPUDO plans to continue to take on the challenge of contributing to the realization of a sustainable society and creating smiles for customers.

IPPUDO branches that offer “Plant-based Akamaru Ver. 2.0″

Hokkaido Area

IPPUDO KAY Sapporo Stellar Place branch

Kanto Area

Ebisu branch, Ginza branch, Ikebukuro branch, Shinjuku i-Land Tower brancg, Lumine Est Shinjuku branch, Asakusabashi branch, Shounan SEASIDE branch

Tokai Area

Nagoya branch

Kansai Area

Horie branch

Kyushu Area

Daimyo branch


※ This product is made in the same kitchen as products using animal ingredients.
※ Eggs are not used in this product, but the noodles in this product are boiled in the same kettle as the noodles using eggs.
※ Green onions, onions, and garlic are used for this product.

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