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Yamamotoya Okute in Nagoya

Yamamotoya is one of the oldest, the most well-known restaurant in Nagoya. It was founded in 1952.

It is loved by not only local people, but also tourists from several cities and countries as well. Yamamotoya’s speciality dish is “Miso Nikomi Udon” which is known as popular local food in Nagoya. Yamamotoya Okute branch specialize in hand-made udon which is served and made in same way as it’s opened in 1952. The restaurant keep the style of their first opening, while producing more variety of dishes, worth to visit to taste traditional food in Nagoya!

Three Secret in Making Miso Nikomi Udon


“Miso” is a traditional Japanese seasoning for cooking. It is made by two basic ingredients; soybean and salt, and it takes long time to make it fermented. Miso can be divided into various kinds depend on the ingredients mixed and duration of the fermentation. Yamamotoya use special Miso called “Hatcho-Miso”, it is a special product in this region. Unlike common miso, hatcho-miso takes three years to make it. You can notice the rich flavor itself and contains umami (savory taste) in your mouth.

Hand-made Udon

① Knead dough by hand

“Udon” is made of water and flour. The dough is knead right when order comes, so it can be served fresh.

② Sieve buckwheat flour

Buckwheat flour helps miso nikomi udon taste thicker. This is the key of delicious udon!

③ Cutting

Cutting is a key process because it has an impact to the texture of udon. The chef had studied for years to find suitable size and handling to produce delicious chewy udon.

Each miso nikomi udon contains 120 grams of udon. Yamamotoya does not boil the udon in hot water, instead put it directly into miso soup.

Original Potteries

Yamamotoya Okute use special pottery called shigara-yaki for boiling miso nikomi udon. Heating power is crucial in order to boil the food properly. It is commonly using strong fire and this pot do a great job on it. Moreover, the pot’s lid is special one which has no hole on it, make the heat heat trapped inside and let the food become way more delicious!

If you want to taste traditional local food in Nagoya, Yamamotoya Okute is the best restaurant for you.

Miso nikomi udon of Yamamotoya is one of the best foods in Nagoya city. You can eat a fresh-made udon. It’s rare to find restaurant where you can eat hand-made udon these days, but Yamamotoya challenges to make delicious cuisine in a traditional way.

You can also feel a calm atmosphere like home here. Yamamotoya Okute is a family run restaurant and very friendly to customers even those who they meet for the first time.

Yamamotoya can serve dishes flexibly depends on customer’s request. You can remove some ingredients if you cannot have it.

This is Muslim family living in Nagoya city. It’s been a long time to eat authentic Nagoya food for Mrs. Jannat since she converted to Islam.

And this is students from prefecture next to Aichi Prefecture (Nagoya). It’s their first time to eat miso nikomi udon!

There are various of halal food serves at Yamamotoya. A lot of customers with various backgrounds come and enjoy the foods. Yamamotoya let Muslim try halal foods many times before they put the food into menu, in order to pursue the ideal taste of delicious dish up until now. Yamamotoya will create more and more kinds of halal food from now on.

In addition, they also plan to produce and serve vegetarian meals in the future. Even though there is not many Japanese restaurants that offer dishes such as halal food and vegetarian food, Yamamotoya desires to get involved in “food diversities”. Yamamotoya want other Japanese restaurants to consider the same thing to welcome people coming to Nagoya city. Thus, they will put effort for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

About Yamamotoya Ookute Branch

5-9-2 Ookutecho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 464-0854
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