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Long-Awaited Curry Stew Becomes a Delectable Reality

Nagoya’s traditional “miso stewed udon” (miso nikomi udon) restaurant, Yamamotoya Okute branch, is a popular destination for Muslims from all over Japan and the world. The restaurant is known for preserving Japanese traditions and Nagoya’s unique culinary culture while offering Halal cuisine.

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In response to the request from Muslim residents in Japan who expressed a desire to savor delicious Japanese curry udon, Yamamotoya Okute has introduced a new menu item, “Curry Stewed Udon” (curry nikomi udon), with research and development over a year into creating this delightful dish, available at 1,750 yen.

The restaurant’s curry stewed udon offers a different from Indian or Southeast Asian curries. It features the unique fragrance of Japanese curry and is prepared with care, incorporating vegetables and meat for rich umami, depth, and a delicate balance of spices. It pairs exceptionally well with Yamamotoya’s firm, handcrafted noodles.

If you find yourself in Nagoya, be sure to visit Okute Yamamotoya and savor the flavors of their curry-stewed udon!

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Restaurant Name Yamamotoya Okute
Address 5-9-2 Okute, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 〒464-0854
Opening Hour 11:00-21:00 (L.O 20:00) / Closed on Monday (open if Monday is a national holiday, and will be closed on the next day)
TEL 052−733-7413
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