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Uchi Café’s Natural Roll Cake and Almost-Chicken Nuggets for a Healthy Twist

Natural Lawson, a Lawson convenience store branch offering health and earth-friendly items introduces two new delectable snacks, including the Uchi Café Natural Roll Cake made with roasted wheat flour, soy milk, and oats, and the Almost-Chicken Nuggets, a snack replacing chicken with coarsely textured soy protein. These offerings are available at Natural Lawson stores in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama since Nov 15, 2023.

Please note:

The term “plant-based food” in the press release refers to items such as the Natural Roll Cake, made without animal-derived ingredients up to the primary raw materials. The Almost-Chicken Nuggets contain some egg and dairy components as mentioned in the release.

Clarification on plant-based food

According to Japan’s Consumer Affairs Agency, plant-based foods are those primarily made from plant-derived ingredients, excluding animal products. Even if animal-derived additives are present, if the main ingredients are plant-based, the product falls under the category of “plant-based food.”

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Uchi Café Natural Roll Cake (¥257)

Say goodbye to eggs, butter, and refined sugar! This delightful treat features a sponge cake made from roasted wheat flour and sugar extracted from Okinawa sugarcane. For that creamy goodness, it swaps traditional cream for a mix of soy milk and oats, resulting in a lightly sweet, refreshing taste.

The roll cake is available at a price of 257 yen (including tax).

Important note: While the manufacturing facility handles products containing animal-derived ingredients, the Uchi Café Natural Roll Cake ensures that its primary raw materials are free from animal-based components.

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Almost-Chicken Nuggets 

For those craving the satisfaction of chicken nuggets without the meat, Lawson presents the Almost-Chicken Nuggets. These savory bites substitute chicken with coarse soy protein, seasoned with white pepper and onion powder. Experience the crunch of the crispy coating, giving you the sensation of indulging in classic chicken nuggets.

The roll cake is available at a price of 268 yen (including tax).

Caution: A portion of the binding agent in the Almost-Chicken Nuggets contains egg and dairy components.

Dive into Lawson’s plant-based offerings for a delightful experience that not only caters to your taste buds but also promotes a healthier lifestyle.

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