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A Sustainable Soft Serve Ice Cream Revolution with IKEA’s Plant-Based Goodness

IKEA Japan is turning over a new leaf in the world of soft serve ice cream, replacing traditional dairy with a delectable plant-based alternative. Starting from October 19, 2023, you can enjoy IKEA’s delectable plant-based soft serve at all IKEA locations across Japan.

IKEA’s Plant-Based Soft Serve

The iconic IKEA soft serve is getting a makeover, and it’s now plant-based! Crafted from plant-derived ingredients, this new soft serve retains its smooth texture and rich flavor. It’s still as delicious as ever, but now it’s also more sustainable. Whether you’ve been an IKEA soft serve fan for years or you’re just discovering it, you can enjoy it with confidence.

Source: IKEA Japan

The transition to plant-based soft serve took time and effort. IKEA’s goal was clear: to create a truly delicious plant-based soft serve.

Collaborating with Japanese food manufacturers, they experimented with various formulations, ensuring they matched the creaminess and flavor of traditional dairy-based soft serve. They discovered that soy milk could be a perfect dairy substitute. To get the right texture, they meticulously adjusted the balance of soy milk and other ingredients. The result is a soft serve that stays true to the IKEA legacy and satisfies the palates of soft serve lovers.

Sustainable and Delicious

IKEA aims to provide its customers with healthier and more sustainable eating habits while making it easy and affordable. They believe that sustainable food should not only be good for the planet but also tasty and cost-effective. That’s why IKEA ensures that the prices of their plant-based foods are on par with, or even lower than, their animal-based counterparts.

Price for Everyone

IKEA’s commitment to sustainability extends to its pricing. They believe that sustainable, healthy eating should be accessible to everyone. That’s why IKEA offers their plant-based soft serve at the same price as traditional dairy soft serve, just ¥50!

Prepare to be surprised by the creaminess and smoothness of IKEA’s plant-based soft-serve ice cream!


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