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Unveiling the Secret Behind the Long Lines

Have you heard of the Kyoto ramen hotspot, “Menbaka,” famed for its fiery ramen? Celebrating its 39th year near the Nijo Castle, this restaurant is not only renowned for its fire ramen performances but also for the exceptional taste of its ramen, attracting long queues of eager patrons daily.

The Daily Queue Outside the Shop

At “Menbaka,” you can choose vegan ramen from their regular menu, a choice that resonates with those seeking healthier options and culinary diversity.

Long lines in front of the shop

Fried rice, gyoza, and karaage set meal

Available vegan option

The menu offers a selection of ramen with options for fried rice, dumplings, and karaage, all of which come with vegan choices.

When you order the vegan menu, a green number card is placed in front of your seat to ensure flawless service for those who have chosen the vegan option.

You will be given a green card when ordering a vegan meal

A few minutes after ordering, the ramen arrives, followed by the much-anticipated fire performance. To avoid spoilers, we urge you to experience the excitement, including the live element, at the restaurant.

Vegan ramen

Vegan ramen

The Vegan Ramen

The highlight of this culinary adventure is the ramen soup. It is incredibly flavorful and rich, despite being entirely plant-based, eschewing the use of animal-based broths typically found in ramen.

The soy sauce-based soup boasts a depth of flavor and richness that makes it hard to believe it’s vegan. The firm, custom-made noodles add to the experience, intertwining with the piping-hot soup. With every bite, your palate is treated to an explosion of flavors, making it disappear from your bowl in no time.

Caution : Both the bowl and soup will be extremely hot after the fire performance. Beware if you have a sensitive palate.

At “Menbaka,” you can savor delicious ramen and enjoy an entertainment show from your counter seat. The refined ambiance and excellent service further justify the never-ending queues.

For those who seek a delightful dining experience that combines taste and entertainment or want to explore vegan ramen, “Menbaka” is a must-visit ramen shop. At “Menbaka,” where Kyoto’s tradition meets new culinary culture, discover a fresh palate and relish memorable moments. Why not embark on this exciting culinary journey?

About Menbaka

Restaurant Name  Menbaka
Address 757-2 Minami Iseya-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 〒602-8153
TEL 075-812-5818
Opening Hour 11:00~15:00, 17:00~21:00
Closed: Every Tuesday
Reservation No need/unavailable