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Diversity in Airline Culinary Offerings

As the world embraces more diverse dietary preferences, Japan Airlines (JAL) has taken a significant step by introducing plant-based sushi in its First Class Lounges at both Haneda and Narita International Airports. In the case of Haneda International Airport, the lounge is also easy access from the International Terminal (Terminal 3).

Starting from July 10, 2023, this innovative offering aims to cater to a broader range of dietary needs and preferences, showcasing JAL’s commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Plant-Based Delights at High Altitude

The plant-based sushi available in “Sushi Tsurutei” at the 4F inside the lounge, is crafted to resemble traditional sushi favorites, including tuna, salmon, and squid. These items are ingeniously made from konjac powder—a plant-derived gelatin substitute—and salt, capturing the essence of the seafood counterparts not just in appearance but also in texture.

The attention to detail in mimicking the striations and nuances of real fish slices is particularly noteworthy.

Plant-based sushi

Upon trying the sushi, it becomes apparent that while the visual mimicry is impressive, the taste and texture predominantly echo that of Konjac!

Each variety—tuna, salmon, and squid—maintains a subtle difference in scent, yet the taste remains consistently plant-based across the board. This could be an intriguing experience for those accustomed to the distinct flavors of traditional sushi but might fall short for purists seeking the rich, umami flavors of seafood.

For travelers interested in experiencing the new offerings, further details about the availability and service conditions can be accessed through the official JAL website, which provides comprehensive information about the First Class Lounge services at Haneda and Narita airports.