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The Long-Awaited Vegan Delights in the Shikoku Area

Nestled in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, Ryotei Nicho stands as an esteemed culinary establishment, boasting 78 years of culinary tradition representing the essence of the Shikoku region.

This Japanese traditional restaurant is renowned for its meticulous preservation of traditional cooking methods, using an abundance of fresh local ingredients sourced from the culinary treasure troves of Shikoku.

Ryotei Nicho

What sets Ryotei Nicho apart is its delicate and beautifully presented dishes, coupled with its charming traditional architecture in the sukiya-zukuri style (tea-house style) and a serene Japanese garden, both designated as registered tangible cultural properties.


Here, guests can immerse themselves in the ambiance of tradition and the beauty of Japanese aesthetics while savoring seasonal delights throughout the year.

*Sukiya-zukuri style is a style of traditional Japanese architecture characterized by simplicity and elegance, often associated with tea houses and residences influenced by tea ceremony aesthetics.

In April 2024, Ryotei Nicho proudly announced the launch of the “Delicious Sanuki Journey Vegan Course”.

The Vegan Course at Ryotei Nicho

This establishment has been catering to diverse dietary needs since the G7 Kagawa-Takamatsu Urban Ministers Meeting held in July 2023, offering vegan and halal-friendly dishes.

Mr. Yamamoto, the proprietor, expressed his desire to cater to the increasingly diversified culinary preferences worldwide, inviting visitors from all corners of the globe to indulge in the offerings of Ryotei Nicho.

Delicious Sanuki Journey Vegan Course

From ingredients to cooking methods, from the historic architecture and garden to the renowned Japanese hospitality, Ryotei Nicho encapsulates the essence of Japan’s culinary excellence.

Delicious Sanuki Journey Vegan Course

The course is available for 33,000 yen (excluding service charges and room fees), with the subject to seasonal variations.

The course is free from the use of the “gokun” (five pungent roots) and alcohol-based seasonings.


Sesame tofu.


Green peas potage.
Deep-fried tofu with thinly sliced vegetables and hohohotake mushroom.
Needle-shaped carrot and New Zealand spinach.

*”Hohotake” is a type of mushroom known as “Hanabiratake.” It only grows in very limited environments at altitudes exceeding 1000 meters in high mountains, making its harvest extremely scarce. It is also known as the “phantom mushroom.”

Vegetable Sushi

Asparagus, burdock, shiitake mushroom, cucumber, eggplant, paprika, red turnip.

Assorted Appetizers

Takoyaki, plant-based meat bun, spring roll, one-bite salad (avocado, red radish, seasonal citrus foods, apple, broccoli, white miso sauce).

Grilled Dish

Bamboo shot with plant-based leaf bud sauce

Simmered Dish

Oden (daikon radish, carrot, mochikinchaku (glutinous rice in a pouch of fried tofu), konjac)

Main Course

Udon noodles
Tempura (nanjing (squash), red burdock, purple carrot)


Mitarashi dango (sweet soy sauce-glazed dumplings)
Baked sweet potato manju
Candied strawberry
Wasanbon (Japanese-style sweet sugar)

About Ryotei Nicho

Address 7-7 Hyakkenmachi, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture 〒760-0041
TEL 0120-860-220
Opening Hour 11:30~15:30