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Experience the Authentic Taste of Unagi without Animal Products

Nissin Foods is excited to announce the re-release of their highly popular “Plant-Based Unagi” (謎うなぎ) on July 11, 2024. Following a sold-out debut, this innovative vegan product will be available through the Nissin Foods Group online store and select retail stores in the Kanto region for a limited time.

What is Plant-Based Unagi?

Plant-Based Unagi is a groundbreaking product from Nissin Foods, designed to replicate the texture, appearance, and flavor of traditional unagi kabayaki without any animal-derived ingredients. This plant-based alternative offers a near-authentic unagi experience utilizing the latest food technology.

The product features a three-layer structure to mimic eel’s flakiness and rich texture, complete with a soy-based protein that reduces its unique scent while enhancing the umami and savory flavors associated with unagi.

From above: white layer, middle tier, cortical layer

Why Choose Plant-Based Unagi?

  • Animal-Free Ingredients: Enjoy the taste and texture of unagi without animal products.
  • Expert Supervision: Developed under the guidance of renowned Japanese chef Jun Kurogi, enhancing quality and authenticity.
  • Convenience: Available as a frozen product, it’s easy to prepare and enjoy at home.

Product Highlights

  1. Realistic Texture and Flavor: The three-layer structure of the Plant-Based Unagi replicates the delicate texture of eel meat, while the use of soy protein and vegetable oils adds the richness and flavor typical of unagi kabayaki.
  2. Authentic Appearance: Using a custom mold based on real unagi, the product is grilled and basted with a soy-based sweet and savory sauce, achieving a realistic look and taste.
  3. Vegan-Friendly Sauce: The accompanying sauce is soy-based, ensuring the entire dish remains free from animal products.

Launch Details

  • Online Sales: Starting at noon on July 11, 2024, the Nissin Foods Group online store will offer 5,000 sets of Plant-Based Unagi. Each set includes one piece of Plant-Based Unagi, a pack of sauce, and a pack of sansho (Japanese pepper) for ¥1,500.
  • Retail Availability: From July 20, 2024, limited quantities will be available in select stores in the Kanto region.

How to Purchase

Visit the Nissin Foods Online Store to place your order. Please note that orders are limited to five sets per person and will be shipped frozen. Orders placed by 2 PM on July 14 will be delivered by July 20.