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Experience Nature, Tranquility, and Exceptional Vegan Dining in Shimane Prefecture

Are you a traveler seeking an unforgettable Japanese experience that combines art, nature, and exceptional vegan cuisine? Look no further!

Nestled in Shimane Prefecture, right next to the renowned Adachi Museum of Art, Chikuyou offers an opportunity to relish a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, all while indulging in a warm and authentic Japanese welcome.

Adachi Museum of Art is a well-known attraction in Shimane, celebrated for its breathtaking gardens and impressive art collections, drawing art enthusiasts and tourists from all around the world.

The gardens, particularly, have received exceptional acclaim, earning the title of Japan’s best garden in the “Japanese Garden Rankings” conducted by ‘Sukiya Living Magazine: The Journal of Japanese Gardening‘ for an astonishing 20 consecutive years since 2003.

Located beside the Adachi Museum, Sagino-yu Onsen Chikuyou is a traditional Japanese hot spring ryokan where guests can immerse themselves in the natural surroundings and rejuvenating hot springs. The Ryokan is a popular choice for those seeking a serene atmosphere and warm Japanese hospitality worldwide.Chikuyou takes special care to cater to visitors from all corners of the globe by offering a meticulously crafted vegan menu featuring seasonal ingredients from Shimane Prefecture.

This delightful vegan menu is available for lunch (open to everyone) and dinner and breakfast (exclusive to overnight guests). Please note the following:

  • A vegan menu for overnight guests is available at an additional cost of 2,200 yen (requires a reservation at least two days in advance).
  • The vegan lunch menu is available at 1,700 yen (reservations are recommended due to limited availability).
  • Vegan kaiseki dinner is available for 3,850 yen (requires a reservation at least two days in advance).

For those planning a visit to Shimane Prefecture and the Adachi Museum of Art, we highly recommend considering Chikuyou for a delectable dining experience and comfortable accommodation.

Vegan Lunch (subject to seasonal changes)

Vegan Kaiseki Menu (subject to seasonal changes)

  1. Amazake from Taisho soy sauce shop in Yasugi
  2. Four Appetizers:
    • Kinpira of Japanese umbrella-pine mushroom
    • Bi-color university sweet potatoes with purple and orange yams
    • Komatsuna and deep-fried tofu in a simmered dish
    • Broccoli, sprouted soybeans, and black beans in soy milk salad
  3. Steamed dish with daikon radish and yam
  4. Mapo tofu with mushrooms and soybean mince
  5. Tempura-style deep-fried tempeh with shiso and plum
  6. Rice flour noodles
  7. Purple-black rice
  8. Pearl barley soup
  9. Pear and soy milk pudding

More Information and Reservation

Name Sagino-yu Onsen Chikuyou
Address 438 Furukawa-cho, Yasugi, Shimane Prefecture 〒692-0064
Opening Hour 11:30〜14:00 (L.O 13:50)
TEL 0854-28-6231(Please Mail for an inquiry in English)
Reservation link (English)