A Taste of Tradition: Exploring Nagoya’s Halal Karaage Delight

In the vibrant city of Nagoya, the culinary gem Halal Karaage 178 is transforming the halal dining landscape.

It presents a delectable fusion of traditional Japanese karaage and strict halal standards, offering an inclusive experience for both Muslim residents of Japan and travelers in search of Japan’s authentic flavors without compromising their dietary principles.

Happy Karaage 178

Crafting Halal Karaage Delights From Family Recipes

The story of Halal Karaage 178 began with a family tradition. Kaori Inaba, known for her exceptional karaage made during family celebrations, inspired the creation of this culinary haven.


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With the family’s expansion and the inclusion of Zeshan, a British Muslim, into the family, their dedication to inclusivity grew, leading to the adaptation of a completely halal menu. This journey was not merely about sharing their culinary skills but offering a slice of their family’s essence.

Happy Karaage 178’s Halal certificate

Signature Flavors for Everyone

Halal Karaage 178 is celebrated for its variety of karaage options that embody Japanese culinary excellence while adhering to halal guidelines.

The standout, their original 178 sauce, made from exquisite sweet soy sauce, promises a bite of happiness for all ages. For those craving a spicy touch, the karaage with chili mayo is a perfect pick. Additionally, the spicy miso blend sauce offers a taste of Nagoya’s rich culinary heritage.

Karaage with 178 sauce

Every visit, whether for dine-in or take-out, is enhanced by special offerings during Ramadan, ensuring a memorable dining experience. The operational expertise of Halal Karaage 178 ensures smooth service, whether you’re enjoying a quick bite from their kitchen cars or savoring a halal Japanese classic meal in their restaurant.

Happy Karaage 178 kitchen cars

To-go karaage

For Nagoya residents, indulge in Happy Karaage 178’s crispy delights by ordering through Uber Eats. If you’re elsewhere in Japan, you can easily place your order through their official online shop.

Additionally, if you’re seeking halal bento options, Happy Karaage 178 gladly provides its mouthwatering halal karaage bento, available with a 2-day advance order for convenient pick-up.

Happy Karaage 178 also offers halal karaage bento!

Expanding the Halal Delights

Halal Karaage 178 is on a mission to broaden its horizons, planning more kitchen cars and outlets across Japan. Aiming to consolidate its presence in Nagoya into a larger, family-friendly space, it also intends to introduce its beloved halal sauces to the international market.

Halal Karaage 178 symbolizes the unity of family, tradition, and the global language of food. It’s a sanctuary where each bite narrates the story of cultural heritage, meticulously crafted with love and respect for diverse dietary needs.

As it continues to grow and serve, Halal Karaage 178 warmly invites everyone to discover the authentic essence of Japanese cuisine, making it a must-visit for Muslim food enthusiasts and cultural adventurers.

About Happy Karaage 178

Address 1F, 3-19-2, Dekimachi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi Prefecture 〒461-0032
TEL 052-737-1785
Opening Hour [Lunch] 11:00-14:00 [Dinner] 17:00-20:00
Website https://karaage178.jp/
Halal Gourmet Japan https://halalgourmet.jp/restaurant/561959