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The Most-Delicious Halal Ozaki Beef in Gonpachi Asakusa!

Asakusa has been a well-known sightseeing spot with abundance of attractions and Muslim friendly services.

Gonpachi Asakusa as one of the leading halal certified restaurant in Asakusa that has been providing halal menu that gained high responses from Muslim customers. Also with its great panoramic view of Sumida River and Tokyo Sky Tree on the back, Gonpachi Asakusa has becoming a great choice for Muslim tourists.

This time Gonpachi Asakusa announced their brand new menu that made Muslim customers eagerly waiting for, “Halal Ozaki Beef Course!”

Halal Ozaki Beef Course (19,800 yen (including tax))

Ozaki beef is one of branded wagyu that has an extremely soft texture with elegant touch of melting sensation. There are not so many restaurants serve Halal Ozaki beef, but in Gonpachi Asakusa, you can enjoy this the-most-tasty beef ever!

Halal Ozaki Beef Course comes in 6 delicious foods ;

  1. Fried oyster
  2. Assorted sashimi
  3. Fried shrimp dumpling with yuzu chili sauce
  4. Ozaki beef fillet steak (100 g)
  5. Rice porridge
  6. Dessert

As it is a course menu, so each item comes one by one with interval 5 to 7 minutes so you can enjoy each food slowly.

Let’s Enjoy The Menu!

Fried Oyster

First, we had fried oyster comes with halal okonomiyaki sauce. This fried oyster has golden brown crispy texture outside and plump yet juicy oyster meat inside. The sweetness of halal okonomiyaki sauce meets perfectly with the fried oyster, such an addictive taste!

Assorted Sashimi

Assorted sashimi comes with both halal certified wasabi and halal certified soy sauce. The fish was fresh and plump. Since the wasabi does not has strong spicy in the nose, it is very easy to have. Mix the soy sauce with wasabi and dip the fish a bit into the sauce then enjoy!

Fried shrimp dumpling with yuzu chili sauce

Fried shrimp dumpling with yuzu chili sauce was surprising as you can find in the picture below! It has fried noodle-like crispy outside and crunchy juicy shrimp dumpling inside, it let you have an adventurous feeling while having it! The yuzu chili sauce makes the taste way more tempting!

Ozaki beef fillet steak

After enjoying the three appetizers, here it comes the main dish, Ozaki beef fillet steak! The steak comes in 100 g and you can choose how you want to have it (medium rare, well-done). Basically it will be served in medium rare, but don’t hesitate to ask the staff if you want the meat more done! They will assist you kindly.

As mentioned above, Ozaki beef is the top branded wagyu in Japan with extremely soft melting sensation. This time we had it in medium rare. Once put it in the mouth, the softness texture and scent of the meat spread nicely inside the mouth.

The steak comes with some vegetables, hummus (mashed chickpeas and other beans, popular in the Middle East), grated radish, lemon, and wasabi. You can challenge yourself to have the meat with different kind of taste, whether eat together with grated radish, lemon, or wasabi!

After enjoying the main dish, next we can enjoy the rice porridge and dessert.

Rice porridge

The rice porridge has gentle taste with beef toppings and nice volume, very easy to eat.

Vanilla Ice Cream Dessert

Then we closed the meal with vanilla ice cream dessert. It topped with brown sugar syrup and kinako powder (roasted soybean flour) , it tastes great, not too strong yet not too weak, another addictive one!

Coming to Asakusa?

So enjoy your time in Gonpachi Asakusa and have a nice meal!


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