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The Overwhelming Halal Ozaki Beef Menu at Gonpachi Shibuya

Gonpachi is an authentic Japanese restaurant brand with shops located in some stylish areas in Tokyo. In popular sightseeing spot, Shibuya, with comfortable access that less than 10 min walk from Shibuya station, Gonpachi Shibuya offers a tasty yet authentic halal Ozaki beef menu which you can enjoy with spectacular Tokyo’s night view from above!

The nostalgic yet intimate atmosphere of Gonpachi Shibuya, with great taste of halal Japanese cuisine and amazing Japanese hospitality, Gonpachi Shibuya is the best option to have your dinner tonight in Shibuya!

Halal slaughtering certificate

Ozaki beef certificate

Halal Menu at Gonpachi Shibuya

Gonpachi Shibuya has two kinds of menu, “Muslim Friendly Ozaki Beef Steak” menu and “Halal Sushi Course” menu.

Muslim Friendly Ozaki Beef Steak (19,800 yen including tax)

This course menu is available in 6 items ;

  1. Fried oyster
  2. Assorted sashimi
  3. Fried shrimp dumpling with yuzu chili sauce
  4. Ozaki beef fillet steak
  5. Rice porridge
  6. Dessert

As the appetizer, fried oyster comes with sweet okonomiyaki sauce, which is also halal one. Fried oyster has crispy outside and chewy yet juicy inside, an addictive taste!

Then the sashimi comes in fresh white and red fishes, along with wasabi. Each piece in one bite size, very easy to eat.

Before heading to main dish, fried shrimp dumpling with yuzu chili sauce will surprised you! The plump shrimp dumpling taste very nice with the yuzu chili sauce.

Then let’s have the main dish, Ozaki beef fillet! Medium rare is the best way in enjoy the soft melting Ozaki beef, but of course, you can ask the staff to burn it more if you want. Have it with soy sauce and wasabi or with lemon, you will get overwhelmed with the taste!

Moving to the next meal, you will have rice porridge topped with Ozaki beef. It tastes flavorful and light, even though it comes after the main meal. Can’t help to have it more!

And the last is, vanilla ice cream dessert! It comes with black honey syrup and kinako powder, best meal to close your memorable dinner!

Besides of Halal Ozaki beef steak menu, you can have Halal sushi course menu where you can experience the rarely-found Ozaki beef as the sushi’s topping!

Halal Sushi Course (20,000 yen including tax)

Halal sushi course offered in Gonpachi Shibuya is different! If common sushi topped with fresh fishes, but here you can enjoy it topped with premium Ozaki beef!

Halal sushi course is available in 6 items :

  1. Deep fried soft shell crab with ponzu sauce
  2. 3 kinds of premium “Ozaki-wagyu” beef sushi
  3. Sukiyaki roll
  4. Seasonal Edo style nigiri
  5. Dessert

Deep fried soft shell crab with ponzu sauce comes as your appetizer. As it is deep fried, it has crunchy texture outside and the taste meet nicely with ponzu sauce.

Then here is the main dish, sushi with premium Ozaki beef topping!

Each topping is come from different part of beef ; fillet, sirloin, lean cut. Where else you can compare the most flavorful part of Ozaki beef? Then get spoiled with two pieces of sukiyaki roll.

Still hunger with sushi? Gonpachi Shibuya got your back.

In this menu, you also can enjoy 10 kinds of the authentic Edo style sushi !

After enjoy the great meals, close it with sweet vanilla ice cream topped with black honey syrup and kinako powder. Bon Appetit!

Gonpachi Shibuya’s Halal Policy

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