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“TOBU JAPAN TRIP” is a travel information site operated by Tobu Railway Group. This site provides travel information and it will support your travel in Japan.

At this time, we would like to inform all of you that TOBU JAPAN TRIP newly launched a web page for Muslim tourists.


Please click the link below for a travel information!

“Muslim Friendly Area Infromation” from TOBU JAPAN TRIP

There are various information about Japan’s famous travel spots, Nikko, Kawagoe, Sano/Ashikaga and Asakusa/Ueno in this page such as prayer spaces, muslim-friendly restaurant, entertainment or historical spots which you can find in each cities.

Please check the link below!

Through this website, you will find useful information for your trip as well as sample itinerary to whether Nikko, Kawagoe, Sano/Ashikaga and Asakusa/Ueno.

Also there are information about discount tickets here, so if you check this website before you visit Japan, you can find a good deal! And please visit this website for advice on how to get the city you want to visit and check your route before you travel.

You can also check out how to buy the ticket.

You can check your route.

In addition, there are some articles about each city. So if you read them before you start your travel, it might be helpful to you!

Before you go on a trip to Japan, why don’t you check some information about popular tourists’ cities in Japan?