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Halal Food Guide at These Cities!

Japan is a country famous for its unique cuisine, and for Muslims traveling to Japan, finding halal local food can sometimes be a challenge. However, with an increasing number of halal restaurants popping up, it has become much easier to find local halal foods in Japan.

Here are some recommendations for where to eat local halal foods in Japan.

1.Osaka – Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki

If you’re in Osaka and looking for halal food, Japanese Restaurant Matsuri is a must-visit spot. This restaurant has a wide variety of halal and vegan foods, including the famous Osaka dishes of okonomiyaki and takoyaki. You can also enjoy halal Kobe beef here!

If you plan on visiting for dinner, it’s recommended to make a reservation in advance to secure your seat.


780 yen~5,000 yen


3 min walk from Noda Hanshin station.

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2. Osaka – Kushikatsu

Kushikatsu is a popular food in the Tsutenkaku area in Osaka, but unfortunately, there are no halal kushikatsu options available there yet. However, you can still enjoy this deep-fried snack at Asian Spicy Diner 585, the sister restaurant of Halal Yakiniku Zerohachi in OCAT Namba 5F.


2,000~8,000 yen


OCAT Namba 5F

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3. Nagoya – Miso Nikomi Udon, Chicken Wing, and Fried Chicken with Miso Sauce

Yamamotoya Ookute is a well-known Muslim-friendly restaurant in Nagoya that offers halal and vegan meals. The restaurant’s specialty is miso-nikomi udon, a dish of chewy homemade udon in rich hatchomiso (miso originating from Nagoya) flavors.

Don’t forget to try their chicken wing, isomaki (fried chicken wrapped with seaweed), and miso kushikatsu (chicken cutlet stick with miso sauce) too!


800 yen~2,000 yen


5 mins walk from Fukiage station.

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4. Kobe – Halal Kobe Beef Steak

Kobe Beef Steak SAKURA is a halal-certified restaurant that serves only the highest A5 rank of the wagyu grade and the halal-certified meat for the halal course. The restaurant also uses exclusive kitchenware, such as iron plates and cooking utensils, in preparing the halal course.

You can order different menus and share each meat with your companion, allowing you to enjoy eating and comparing the taste of each part of the meat.


4,500 yen~25,000 yen


6 min walk from Sannomiya Station

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5. Hitoyoshi (Kumamoto Prefecture) – Halal Hitoyoshi Wagyu Beef

Ryokan Ayu no Sato, located on the riverside of Kuma River, is the only halal-certified ryokan in the Hitoyoshi area. The ryokan offers a relaxing and calming atmosphere and halal meals, including Hitoyoshi’s halal wagyu beef!


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To get there, take the highway bus Kirishima from Kagoshima airport (40 minutes ride) to Hitoyoshi interchange, then ride a taxi to the Ryokan with a travel time of approximately 5 minutes.

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In conclusion, finding halal food in Japan is becoming much easier, and there are many Muslim-friendly restaurants that offer local cuisine.