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Kobe Beef Steak SAKURA

Kobe Beef Steak SAKURA is a restaurant in the Sannomiya at the center of Kobe city serving halal Kobe beef steak, situated at 10 min walk from the Sannomiya station, and sits just in the center between the station and Kobe mosque.

The restaurant comes with the concept of “WA” which means “Japan” with a spacious interior accommodating 30 seats and the outstanding golden folding screen with cherry blossoms and a dragon on it welcomes customers at the entrance to give a special atmosphere. 

A Muslim-Friendly Restaurant

Kobe Beef Steak SAKURA uses only the highest A5 rank of the wagyu grade and the halal-certified meat for the halal course. In addition, they use exclusive kitchenware, such as iron plates, cooking utensils, etc in preparing the halal course.

You can also order different menus with your companion and share each meat, allowing you to enjoy eating and comparing the taste of each part of the meat.

The chef grills the meat on the iron plate right in front of you and serves the meat directly from the iron plate to your plate in the most delicious condition! You can request the chef to grill or cut the meat to your liking.

The Passion In The Halal Kobe Beef Steak Course

This time we are allowed to interview the chef, Mr. Okamoto to hear his story and passion for serving halal courses in the video below.

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Address Lion Building Sannomiya-kan 2F, 2-17-10 Shimoyamatedori Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo Prefecture
Halal Gourmet Japan
Opening Hour [Lunch] 11:30-15:00 [Dinner] 17:30-22:30