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When hearing about “shrimp crackers”, you might think about something that is usually found in your country. But the Japanese shrimp crackers from Keishindo (Nagoya) will make you surprised!

Keishindo is a long-established company, founded in 1866 (at the end of the Edo period) in Aichi Prefecture. Keishindo’s shrimp products are made using fresh shrimp and well-known for its inherent flavors.

Keishindo Main Store in Nagoya city

The shrimp crackers, or called ebi-senbei in Japanese, are mostly containing alcohol from seasonings. However, Keishindo’s “Ebi-Komachi” is alcohol-free and meat-free, more emphasis on rich shrimp flavor with a pleasant crunchy texture.

The English and allergies information is written clearly on the back with pictograms.

The ebi-komachi is available in 18 pcs (1,080 yen, including tax) and 36 pcs (2,160 yen, including tax) that can be purchased at these two stores :

Keishindo Main Store

Nagoya station’s Gift KIOSK

Keishindo Online Shop

You can follow Keishindo on Instagram for more info and update.

If you happen to be in Nagoya, have a visit and enjoy the flavorful ebi-senbei!

More Halal Information About Ingredients

Inosinic Acid


Sodium glutamate

Beet granulated sugar