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The All-Vegan Cafe Opened in Higashi Ginza, Tokyo

Komeda coffee is a famous coffee shop chain with a nostalgic atmosphere. This time, the coffee shop opened its first all-vegan cafe called KOMEDA is □ (in Japanese) in Higashi Ginza, Tokyo. Let’s see what we get.

Two Vegan Certification Welcome Us at The Entrance

The shop is vegan-certified by Vege Project and Japan Vegan Certification Society. 

The Concept

With the concept “Relaxing with the earth”, stickers mentioned no. 17 of SDGs “partnerships for the goals” are attached at all tables. The relation to other items of SDGs “Responsible consumption and production (no.12), Climate action (no.13), Life below water (no.14), and Life on land (no.15) are written in the homepage.

Allergies Information

Besides as an all-vegan shop, the coffee shop explains the allergies information on their homepage as follows.
※Approximately 60% of allergies are milk and egg.

Menu’s Price

We compared the menu price between common Komeda Coffee Shop and Komeda is □ as follows.
The source is from each shop homepage.

*orange: common Komeda Coffee shop
*green: Komeda is □
*Menu on the left: Komeda blend (coffee), burger, sandwich, dessert

The Taste

We had these 4 menus and really surprised at how delicious it is! Each menu is voluminous that gives great satisfaction.

Soy cutlet 590 yen

Potato sandwich 980 yen

Avocado burger 1,080 yen

Neapolitan Spaghetti 1,290 yen

Recently, vegan shops are increasing. Mostly we don’t even notice if it is a vegan shop. Even so, the Komeda is □ brings the plant-based concept to the front. We can feel the firm sense of plant-based in each meal, as mentioned in their homepage “A proposal from Komeda; let’s make a day to rest from meat”.

Have a nice visit to the Komeda is □ , a great cafe to enjoy food options that we might not usually have.