After the state of emergency is lifted and people are living with the new normal,  mosques in Japan are started to open to prayer and some limited events with countermeasures in prevention. Here are some countermeasures in mosques in Japan that request you to follow when visiting.

Tokyo Camii (Yoyogi Uehara, Tokyo)

As one of the largest mosque in Tokyo as well as the spot to international interaction, Tokyo Camii is holding pray and limited outdoor event that asked the participants/visitors to obtain the new normal. As the countermeasure prevention, Tokyo Camii asked visitors to wear a face mask and disinfect the hands. During the prayer, everyone needs to keep the social distances and prohibited to do shake hands after pray. On Friday prayer, participants will get a body temperature check before entering the praying hall.

Social distance in the praying hall. Credit to Tokyo Camii

  • Body temperature check. Credit : Tokyo Camii.

Masjid As-Salam (Okachimachi, Tokyo)

Masjid As-Salam Okachimachi also asked the visitors to wear a face mask, do disinfect the hands, do body check temperature before entering the praying hall, and everyone is asked to keep the social distance inside. Of course, it is also prohibited to shake hands after performing pray. To prevent the 3C (Crowd, enClosed space, Close contact), visitors need to perform Wudu’ at home before coming to the mosque and bring their own prayer mat. The mosque disperses visitors by performing Friday prayer several times.

Disinfect the hands before entering the mosque

Body temperature check

Social distance in the prayer hall