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Halal in Travel is an international conference discussing the Muslim travel market. Conferences such as ITB ASIA (B2B International travel trade fair) and MIHAS (Malaysia International Halal Exhibition) are held annually since 2016.

Mr. Yokoyama, the co-founder of Food Diversity Inc, was on stage at the event for the third time after 2017 and 2019 , brought a discussion with the theme “Post-Corona Travel Market”.

The moderator was the CEO of Crescentrating (Singapore) with speakers Mr. Yokoyama (Food Diversity Inc, Tokyo) and the director of Shaza Hotel. Shaza Hotel is a luxury hotel group founded in 2006, with six hotels in the Middle East, in addition to its headquarter in Dubai. Its elegant and luxurious atmosphere makes it popular with non-Muslims, and it is also known as the hotel where the French national soccer team stays.

What was shared by the panel was “personalization”. At luxury hotels, it was originally essential for the wealthy to respond individually, but it is said that it is even more demanded by the corona outbreak. It is said that detailed measures are required for infection control, from airport transfers to check-in and guest room guidance, as well as meals to activities. The hotel makes the best in responding to the needs digitally, uses a designated application to deepen the communication with guests.

Before and after the panel, the possibilities of Japanese inns were also discussed. Yokoyama mentioned that investment opportunities by overseas investors would expand.