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World Halal Expo 2020 Virtual in Online

World Halal Expo 2020 Virtual was held on Sept 30th, 2020, gave an opportunity to Food Diversity Inc’s representative, Mr. Yokoyama to present. The expo is organized by Malaysia’s My Event International company and this expo is the first expo of the year. It was planned for this March but then postponed due to the outbreak.

This expo aims to be a business meeting that covers not only food but also the entire Islamic industries such as finance, medical care, education, and travel.

Comprehensive exhibitions that do not specialize in a specific field often tend to be out of focus, but this time the theme of this expo was focused on the Nigerian market.

Nigeria is a large country located in West Africa with a population of 200 million people. In terms of population, it is the largest in Africa and the seventh-largest in the world. Following economic growth in recent years, the country is advocating to become a halal hub in Africa. The Malaysian Trade and Development Corporation (MATRADE) gave a passionate presentation in an attempt to increase the exports of its SMEs in Nigeria.

In the opportunity, Mr. Yokoyama from Food Diversity Inc presented the current state of Japanese food. While other speakers repeatedly emphasized the “halal”, Mr. Yokoyama explained the following three points about the diversity of food spreading in Japan.

・Halal is one of the food diversity from the viewpoint of plant-based
・If the halal certification system is not integrated worldwide, maybe better to think ahead of the certification
・The novel coronavirus may be laying it on humanity

Not a little of the participants were surprised that vegetarians and vegans began to spread in Japan, but at the end of the presentation, Mr. Yokoyama said: “From the perspective of SDGs, I think that plant-based will start to spread in Islamic countries, which have a lot of meat lovers.” Many people agreed with the word.

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