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World Halal Conference (WHC) is an event co-sponsored with MIHAS (Malaysia International Halal Showcase, the world’s largest halal exhibition) that is held every year, and was originally scheduled in April, however, it was postponed to October this year due to the global epidemic. The conference was held in both offline at the venue MITEC (Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Center), and online.

Yokoyama took the stage in a panel discussion on the theme of “Captains of Industry Panel: Responsible Consumption and Production.”

The discussion was held on the 12th of SDGs, “Responsible Consumption and Production”. Yokoyama said, “Unfortunately in Japan, there is still no recognition that Halal certified products are healthier or more hygienic than non-certified products. Rather, in Japan, plant-based foods now meet their needs”.

In response to the question “How to popularize halal foods in Japan?”, Yokoyama answered, “Don’t overstate it as halal. And you should promote a story that is conscious of sustainability, such as food waste and food recycling.”

In the end, Yokoyama headed to the Malaysian companies at the venue, saying, “In order for Japanese companies to obtain Halal certification and expand globally, it is best to partner with Malaysian and other Asian companies. I would like everyone to expand into Japan.”