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M’s from “Motomachi” and “Minna” + Table = Smile

M’s Table is one of the famous vegan restaurants in Yokohama, manages by “POMPADOUR”, which is overwhelmingly popular in Yokohama.

※ POMPADOUR opened its first store in 1969 in Motomachi, a symbol of the port city of Yokohama, and sells French bread, Danish pastries, etc

The restaurant is at 7 mins walk from Motomachi Chukagai station on the Minatomirai line, at the 2F of POMPADOUR main shop building. Located on Motomachi Shopping Street, you can enjoy shopping there. The restaurant itself does not use meat, seafood, eggs, dairy products, white sugar, etc., but it is popular not only with a large number of vegetarians and vegans but also with people who do not have dietary rules. The menus are professionally cooked as you can find below.

M’s Table

Tantan noodle

Exquisite combination of 100% rice flour pasta noodles, sesame soup, minced soybeans, and soy milk. This is the sign menu of M’s Table and tastes outstanding, you will finish all including the soup at once before you know it and will not feel guilty. In addition, homemade chili oil is also excellent for accenting the taste.

Chawanmushi and gyoza

Vegan sushi

The sushi made with various seasonal vegetables and has an excellent taste. In particular, salmon-like carrot and vegan mayonnaise appear perfectly.

Choco Tart

A high quality chocolate tart we’ ve ever had, comes with a high level of art and perfect balance of bitter sweetness and a refreshing aftertaste. Of course, it is all-vegan. The quality is completely outstanding.

Mont blanc

It comes in a modest sweetness, with an insists of the chestnut taste comes in a moist texture that you can hardly imagine that it does not use milk or eggs. Same to the chocolate tart, this mont blanc also comes in completely outstanding quality.

Meals with gluten-free indication


Clear indication about what they are using as alternatives

Restaurant M’s Table
Address Pompadour Building 2F, 4-171 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 〒231-0861 
TEL 045-228-8853
Opening Hour Close on Monday
Sunday 11:00~20:00
Happy Cow