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Selections of Splendid Japanese Dishes at Naritaya Osaka

Written by: Amnah Barri

Have you ever wanted to taste delicious Japanese Ramen after you saw its pictures everywhere, but you cannot eat it because it contains ingredients that make it unsuitable for Muslims?

Now you can enjoy halal ramen, prepared from soft noodles with slices of chicken and vegetables in a soup of chicken broth topped with a piece of boiled eggs and slices of nori sheets. That is the main dish, “Naritaya Special Ramen” at Naritaya Osaka Minami Restaurant.

You can also taste other flavors of ramen with soy sauce or miso soup. Also, vegetable ramen is available, which does not contain any animal products as well as eggs.

If you are not a fan of ramen, the restaurant also offers other delicious dishes in addition. It is recommended to try the fried chicken katsu, which has a delicious spicy flavor and is served with white rice on the side. Oyou can try wagyu meat slices with a distinctive taste that satisfies relish, garnished with little green onions and served on top of a rice bowl.

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For side order dishes in Naritaya Osaka, there are karaage (fried chicken thighs) and deep-fried gyoza, which is doughy pies stuffed with chicken and vegetables giving them an amazing crunch from outside and flavorful taste from insideTry it once and you will demand more.

For dessert, the restaurant offers ice cream in three different flavors: vanilla, matcha (Japanese green tea), and Japanese red beans, which are used in many traditional Japanese desserts

The restaurant is located in the Higashi Shinbashi area, near Dotonbori Street famous for restaurants, 450 meters from Shinbashi Station, 350 meters from Nagahorebashi Station. They moved from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor of the T’z building recently.


1-7-23, Higashishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi
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