IKEA, Leading The Trend of Plant-Based and Sustainable Foods

Founded in Älmhult, Sweden, with headquarter now in the Netherland, IKEA offers high-quality but low-cost home furnishing with shops spreading worldwide. In Japan, IKEA Japan provides not only Scandinavian-style furniture and home decoration, but also foods and beverages!

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Plant-Based Foods from IKEA Harajuku

The foods and beverages stick to the principles of plant-based and sustainability. Today we visit one of the largest IKEA shops in Japan, located in Misato City, Saitama Prefecture, focusing on why plant-based foods that are served at the dine-in corner are well accepted by the Japanese.

Plant-Based Foods Cost Lower Than The Original Ones

What is surprising is, plant-based foods cost lower than the original (animal-derived) foods. While the original hot dog costs 100 yen, the veggie dog costs 80 yen! This low price makes it easier for customers to give plant-based foods a try.

Meal options in the green background are plant-based

Plant-Based Foods Presented as Delicious as The Original Ones

IKEA presents both plant-based foods and the original foods as delicious as it is, looking exactly the same. Instead of the image of plant-based foods as “foods with something missing”, the way IKEA present gives customers an image of “get curious at how the plant-based foods taste like”.

People may be able to imagine what animal-derived products such as meat and milk taste like, but not many could imagine how will a plant-based food taste like, and it inspires people to challenge.

Plant-Based Foods as the Alternative for Vegetable Intake

Lack of vegetable intake has been a focus in these recent years, especially after the pandemic hit, which pushed people to take vegetables a lot more to keep healthy. Having delicious plant-based foods, which are basically made from vegetables, is an easier way for everyone to manage vegetable intake, as introduced by IKEA “一番美味しい野菜の取り方 (the best way to eat vegetables)“. It is sustainable, and good for the body and the earth.

The Concept of Sustainability; Provides Sustainable Products and Services

The word “Sustainability” is introduced in all corners of the shop, especially at the entrance, which means that everything in the shop is sustainable, including the foods served, so it feels so natural and has no sense of incompatibility, allowing people to enjoy shopping and eating comfortably.

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