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Starbucks’ Plant-Based Products On Sale Starting From June 1st

Starbucks Japan Co., Ltd. announced on May 27 that the company will launch plant-based products starting from June 1st, and we are so excited to try them!

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The plant-based products come in 5 selected items and two of them are desserts. There is a plant-based mark on the product’s name tag which is helpful to identify. Please note that some shops might only offer some of the plant-based products.

Shaken meal soy bolognese (up), sugar doughnuts (left), almond milk matcha mousse (right)

Shaken meal soy bolognese comes in a few layers of ingredients; green and red vegetables, beans, mochi mugi (rice-like barley), and more, coated with mild bolognese sauce. The interesting thing is, make sure to shake them before opening the lid so that the sauce and ingredients will mix with each other! The shaken meal has an interesting texture of crispy fresh vegetables, soft-textured beans, and chewy mochi mugi, which taste nice with the bolognese sauce and is filling the stomach very well!

Sugar doughnut, as its name, is the sweetest food among all the plant-based series, but amazingly the sweetness is comparatively lighter without leaving that “heavy” aftertaste. Those who are a sweet tooth might not be able to not try this! The dough is thick with a chewy texture and the surface is thinly coated with ice sugar.

Almond milk matcha mousse comes in bright green, and those who are matcha-lover might imagine how tasty it is just by seeing that beautiful green! The cake has three layers, a crunchy biscuit layer on the bottom, a dark green mousse in the middle, and a bright green mousse on the top. The almond milk gives the mousse a soft mouthfeel and gentle sweetness. Red bean filling gives a kick to the whole balance. Even those who are not good at eating sweets might love this!

Tomato and soy ball brick-oven filone (left), spinach corn & soy patty English muffin (right)

On our visit, we were surprised at how these two products are comparatively good in selling than other similar products.

Spinach corn & soy patty English muffin has a mild taste and a good balance of patty, vegetables, and muffin. Even those who are not good at vegetables can enjoy eating them. The soy patty is juicy and soft, it meets nicely with the vegetables and English muffins.

Tomato and soy ball brick-oven filone, as its name, comes in hard bread and three soy balls with tomato sauce (filone is a classic Italian yeast bread that comes in a similar texture to a French baguette). The soy balls have a soft juicy texture which meets nicely with the hard texture of the filone. The Pomodoro sauce has a hint of spice that gives a nice kick to the whole taste.

The plant-based product Starbucks means that the product does not use any animal ingredients as its main ingredients. This note is also written on the package of shaken meal soy bolognese.

Overall, the plant-based products are fulfilling and give satisfaction without a heavy feeling in the stomach, a product lineup to try!

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