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Picture Book About Hijab Recommended by Saitama Prefecture

“The Proudest Blue; A Story of Hijab and Family” is based on the true story of Ibtihaj Muhammad, who is also the author of the book, the first American fencing player to wear the hijab and participate in the Olympics. The book comes in Japanese with the title “Neesan no Aoi Hijab” (My Sister’s Blue Hijab).

(“The Proudest Blue; A Story of Hijab and Family” will mention as “Neesan no Aoi Hijab” hereafter)

“Neesan no Aoi Hijab”, recommended book by Saitama Prefecture

This New York Times bestseller book is recommended by Saitama Prefectural Youth and Health Development Council which deliberates on books that youth should read for the Reading Week and Sai no Kuni Education Week among the books recommended by the citizens in the prefectures and publishers. That is 30 books selected and one of them is “Neesan no Aoi Hijab”.

The story leads by Faizah who tells a story about the first day of her sister, Asiya, wearing a hijab to school that makes her look like a princess and together overcome those who say bad and laugh at her.

It is a work with a hope of a society free from prejudice and discrimination, such as the blue of the sky and the sea. The book comes with gentle but powerful and convincing words that touch the heart.

Even though Muslims is one of the largest populations in the world, which is said that 1 among 4 people in the world is a Muslim, not many Japanese are familiar with Muslims since the number in Japan is not much. That’s why this picture book, which is available in Japanese, is very important to introduce diversity to Japanese youth.

The book is available at bookstores and Amazon Japan. We got the book from Tsutaya in Saitama Prefecture. It was displayed close to the entrance and at the children’s books together with other Saitama Prefecture’s recommended books.

Display at the entrance

“Neesan no Aoi Hijab” is recommended by Saitama Prefecture, especially for those in the 3-4 grade of elementary school. Of course, everyone can definitely enjoy the books!