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Vegan Menus Is Getting Easier to Get!

In a joint development venture between KIZUNA Oita company and the vegan restaurant SAIDO in Tokyo’s Jiyugaoka, the all-vegetable food brand “ZENBU-YASAI” has been announced and launched on July 20, 2023. These products are intended for use in restaurants and accommodation establishments.

The product lineup includes “Katsu,” “Karaage” (Japanese-style fried chicken), and “Chuunou Sauce” (savory sauce). The first restaurant to introduce these products is “Bungo Kando Honpo,” a traditional Japanese cuisine restaurant in Oita Prefecture operated by KIZUNA Oita.

Product Details


Crispy coating with substantial fillings. Highly versatile for various culinary creations.

Ingredients with approximately 85% fewer calories than standard pork loin.
Delivery format: frozen, 70g per pack (10 pieces).


Loved by adults and children, Japanese and foreigners alike. Recommended for takeout.

Ingredients with approximately 85% less fat than regular chicken thigh meat.
Delivery format: frozen, 1kg per pack (approximately 50 pieces).

Chuunou Sauce

Versatile sauce for various uses and culinary combinations.
Packaged in recyclable, high-quality glass bottles.
Delivery format: bottled, shelf-stable, 720ml.

Supervised by: SAIDO (FANFAIR Inc.):
Distributed by: KIZUNA Oita Corporation:
Developed by: Dreambox Corporation:
Manufactured by: Minamiaso Organic Corporation:

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