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Exciting News for Food Enthusiasts in the Kansai Region!

SAI-CAFE, a newly opened establishment in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, brings the renowned vegan ramen flavors of Tokyo’s famous Saido restaurant to a wider audience. Led by Chef Kusumoto, the head chef at Saido, SAI-CAFE ensures an exceptional dining experience with dishes crafted from vegan ingredients.

SAI-CAFE’s menu is entirely free from animal-based ingredients, alcohol, refined sugar, and umami seasonings, mirroring the principles upheld by Saido. Their visually appealing ramen showcases fresh vegetables sourced from Hyogo’s Tamba City, complemented by a flavorful broth and custom-made low-carb noodles.

Notably, they even offer the Saido’s popular “vegetable-based egg” as an additional topping in their ginger miso ramen.

Customers who have indulged in SAI-CAFE’s creations have been amazed by the deep umami flavors and satisfying taste. The restaurant caters not only to vegetarian and vegan preferences but also to dietary restrictions like halal.

It’s worth mentioning that their noodle dishes are Oriental vegan-friendly, as they exclude the “five pungent roots” (onions, garlic, scallions, chives, and leeks).

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