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New Menu from Saido

The highly acclaimed vegetarian/vegan restaurant, Saido in Jiyugaoka, which holds the world’s top rating on the Happy Cow search site, has launched a long-awaited new menu item in April 2023. The new item, “Marukin Tsukemen,” is a noodle dish that uses a generous amount of high-quality enoki mushrooms provided by Marukin Enoki, a company that upholds the concept of “mushrooms as the fruits of the forest.”

Marukin Tsukemen

Using high-quality enoki mushrooms that Chef Kusumoto praises as “I can’t go back to regular enoki mushrooms anymore,” this delicious tsukemen (dipping noodles) has a rich and flavorful soup with balanced umami, acidity, and richness that complements the specially ordered medium-thick noodles perfectly. Many customers come back for this dish, and it has already become a popular menu item. Chef Kusumoto describes it as a dish where you can luxuriously savor the overflowing umami.

The meal comes in a course menu, available for both lunch (3,000 yen~) and dinner (5,000~).

The Secret of Marukin Enoki

Marukin Enoki Co., Ltd. pursues the safety, security, and original taste of Enoki mushrooms. While 94% of enoki producers in Japan grow enoki mushrooms in soil mixed with crushed cores of foreign corn, Marukin Enoki is committed to cultivating enoki mushrooms in an environment where natural enoki mushrooms grow by crushing and maturing domestic trees that are about 50 years old. Compared to regular enoki mushrooms, Marukin Enoki mushrooms have 45% more umami components, 30% more amino acids, and 30% more antioxidant power, making them very high in both taste and nutritional value.

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Using medium-thick noodles that meet great with other ingredients.

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