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Tokyo Tourism Ambassadors

In promoting Tokyo tourism and spreading the appeal of Tokyo both domestically and internationally, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced Tokyo Tourism Ambassadors at an inauguration ceremony at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building on February 13, 2023 (Monday).

There are 16 ambassadors and one of them is the vegan restaurant SAIDO‘s chef, Mr. Katsumi Kusumoto.

Chef Kusumote (left) with the Tokyo Governor Mrs. Koike (right)

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At the ceremony, the Governor of Tokyo, Mrs. Yuriko Koike, presented each ambassador with a letter of appointment along with comments. The ambassadors then presented their aspirations as Tokyo Tourism Ambassadors. Chef Kusumoto of SAIDO which has the title of the world’s best vegan restaurant has the following comments.

“Tokyo is a gourmet city with the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the world, but unfortunately, Tokyo is not included in the list of vegan-friendly cities selected by Happy Cow (the world’s largest vegetarian and vegan restaurant site). However, there is still room for growth and I would like to do everything in my power to contribute to making Tokyo even more attractive.”

At the end of the ceremony, Tokyo Governor Mrs. Yuriko Koike said, “I want to make Tokyo an even more attractive city, along with the global activities of Tokyo Tourism Ambassadors.”

Chef Kusumoto receiving the letter of appointment from Mrs. Koike.

Tokyo Governor with Tokyo Tourism Ambassadors (3 ambassador were absence).

The official profile of each ambassador (in Japanese).

Name Occupation
Akiyama Yoshihisa Ginza Mutsukari Executive chef
Alan Poul Film producer, director
Kusumoto Kasumi Vegan restaurant Saido chef
Kumakawa Tetsuya K-BALLET COMPANY/Bunkamura Orchard Hall Artistic director
Jonathan Malveaux Investor/Entrepreneur
Nomura Yusuke Vegetarian cooking DAIGO 4th generation
Hakken Cosplayer
Harry Sugiyama Talent
Bessho Tetsuya Actor, the President of Short Short Film Festival  & Asia
Sakura MikoMori CalliopeGawr Gura VTuber with Hololive Production
Mikuni Kiyomi Hotel De Mikuni」 Owner chef
Misha Janette Fashion & Beauty, Creative director
Yamashita Haruyuki HAL YAMASHITA」 Owner and executive director
Richard Collasse Chanel G.K. Chairman

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