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A Breakthrough Vegan Sable Developed by Three Companies

On July 21, 2023, Miyoshi Oil & Fat Co., Ltd. announced the joint development and launch of “Veblé” (pronounced as “Viburei”), an elegant vegan sablé tailored for adults, in collaboration with FUMIKODA Co., Ltd. and Hat Trick Co., Ltd. The product will be exclusively available through their online boutique.

Product Overview

Name: Veblé
Ingredients: Wheat flour (domestic production), margarine, sugar, almond powder, walnuts, black pepper, processed salted products, salt/flavoring (contains wheat, walnuts, and almonds in some portions)
Contents: 6.8g × 12 pieces (packaging: FUMIKODA upcycled PP case)
Price: 3,300 yen (tax in)

Product Highlights

Veblé features Miyoshi Oil & Fat’s renowned “botanova,” an exclusively plant-based fat that artfully replicates the delectable qualities of animal-derived fats.

Collaborating with Hat Trick, the esteemed pastry brand “à la campagne” from Kobe, they have achieved a lusciously rich flavor using only natural ingredients.

These sablés are not only perfect for pairing with champagne or wine but also make delightful small gifts for home parties and wine enthusiasts.

How to Purchase

From July 21, 2023, Veblé will be available in limited quantities through the FUMIKODA online boutique.

For more information, please visit the product page at

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