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Renowned Pastry Chef Tsujiguchi Ventures into the World of Plant-Based Desserts with Mont St. Clair

Mont St. Clair, the pastry shop led by world-renowned pastry Chef Hironobu Tsujiguchi,  announced the launch of their new line of plant-based petit gâteaux on June 5, 2023, featuring ingredients sourced from plants. This exciting addition marks the shop’s first foray into plant-based menus, already garnering significant attention from dessert enthusiasts around the world.


Mont St. Clair Presents: légèreté – a Plant-Based Chocolate Cake

Indulge in the delicacy of légèreté, a delectable plant-based chocolate cake, available for only ¥900 (tax included).

This exquisite dessert showcases a light and airy biscuit base made from plant-derived butter and a creamy plant-based egg mixture, complemented by a delightful crispy texture. Each component, including mousse, biscuit, crispy layer, and glacé, is meticulously crafted using vegan milk chocolate.

Layers of chocolate with varying textures, accentuated by coffee and hazelnuts, harmoniously blend with a coconut-based cream infused with tropical fruits like banana and passion fruit, creating a tantalizing contrast of flavors.


The combination of a light and refreshing texture, a clean finish, and the exclusive use of plant-derived ingredients culminate in a truly satisfying petit gâteau. Mont St. Clair’s plant-based creations embody the essence of their unique pastry expertise.

Slicing through the layers (all ingredients are plant-based):

  1. Tuile (decoration)
  2. Praline and Coffee Ganache Cream
  3. Chocolate Glacé
  4. Coffee Mousse Chocolate
  5. Banana Compote and Passion Fruit
  6. Coffee and Hazelnut Biscuit Base
  7. Coffee and Hazelnut Crispy Layer

Mont St. Clair

Shop Information

Address: 2-22-4 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 〒152-0035
Phone: 03-3718-5200
Opening Hours: 11:00~18:00
Closed on Wednesdays (Occasional closures may occur. Please check for updates).

The Shop Concept

Established in 1998 in Jiyugaoka, Mont St. Clair embodies the origins of Chef Tsujiguchi and his signature pastry style. The shop offers an exquisite selection of cakes, pastries, semi-baked treats, bread, chocolates, and more.

Inspired by the way painters decorate canvases with various hues, Mont St. Clair’s desserts express a myriad of flavors using seasonal fruits and ingredients from around the world.

Every sweet treat is meticulously crafted, employing carefully selected ingredients and unique techniques that harmonize taste, visual appeal, aroma, and texture to create an enchanting dessert experience.

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