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Experience the Delights of the New Venture by “fruits and season”

In exciting news for vegan dessert enthusiasts, “fruits and season”, the renowned vegan fruit sandwich specialty store, is launching a new venture called “SO TARTE.” The shop will open its doors simultaneously in Tokyo’s fashionable Omotesando and Yoyogi Uehara neighborhoods on June 17, 2023. This eagerly anticipated expansion aims to cater to the growing demand for vegan tarts and provide a haven for those seeking exquisite plant-based desserts.


Highlighting the Evolution of fruits and season”

Founded by “fruits and season”, a popular vegan fruit sandwich shop, SO TARTE builds upon the success of its parent brand. Since introducing tart offerings last autumn, “fruits and season” has received tremendous response for its vegan-friendly tarts. In response to the overwhelmingly positive feedback and numerous requests, “fruits and season” has decided to establish SO TARTE as a new concept dedicated solely to vegan tarts.

The distinctive features that have made “fruits and season” a favorite among customers, such as vegan options, carefully selected seasonal fruits, and packaging suitable for takeout and gifting, remain intact at SO TARTE.

Additionally, SO TARTE introduces gluten-free options and incorporates elements of a café experience to enhance customer satisfaction.

Curated Café Experience and Inclusive Delights

At SO TARTE, customers can enjoy more than just exceptional tarts. The café section of the store will serve organic coffee from the affiliated shop “HAGAN ORGANIC COFFEE” and a selection of natural wines handpicked by Daisuke Haga, the owner of an Italian eatery in Shimokitazawa called “Cuore Forte.”

The café ambiance aims to create a comfortable space where patrons can savor their tarts alone, share them with friends, pair them with coffee or light meals, or even complement them with wine. SO TARTE strives to break away from conventional notions of tart consumption and welcomes customers to enjoy their treats in a liberating and relaxing environment.

The Concept of “Everyone’s Tart”

SO TARTE aspires to redefine the tart experience by transcending dietary restrictions and preferences, offering a tart that everyone can enjoy.

The name “SO TARTE” translates to “exceptional tart” or “amazing tart,” emphasizing the desire to provide a tart that is accessible to all. By utilizing high-quality ingredients, focusing on flavors, and showcasing the vibrancy and beauty of fruit tarts, SO TARTE has developed a tart that is safe for vegans and individuals with allergies to dairy, eggs, and wheat.

Through countless trials, meticulous recipe adjustments for the original crème d’amande and diplomat cream, and a gluten-free and stable tart crust, SO TARTE has perfected the concept of “everyone’s tart”.

With “everyone’s tart” as their guiding principle, SO TARTE aims to set a new standard for tart enjoyment.

Expanding Possibilities with Café Focus

Simultaneously with the brand’s launch, SO TARTE will open shops in Omotesando and Yoyogi Uehara that offer both takeout and eat-in options. The decision to incorporate a café into the concept stems from the desire to provide various ways for customers to indulge in the pleasures of “the tart of tomorrow.”

Whether customers prefer to enjoy their tarts quickly or leisurely, share them with friends, pair them with coffee, or consider them a delightful accompaniment to wine, SO TARTE aims to accommodate diverse tart consumption scenarios.

Furthermore, they welcome customers to take advantage of the convenient takeout service, offering three sizes of tarts—mini (8cm), regular (18cm), and large (24 cm).

*Mini tart is the regular product available in the shop, while regular 18 cm and large 24 cm need a reservation at least 3 days in advance. There are cases where 18 cm size tarts are available in the shop in limited numbers.
*Using seasonal fruits.


・Fruits tart (8cm) ¥880~
・Fruits tart (18cm) ¥4400~
・Fruits tart (24cm) ¥8350~
Available birthday decorations (candles, etc with an additional fee.
・Organic coffee  ¥480~
・Glass wine   ¥1000~
・Herb tea, etc ¥600~

Source: Press Release


SO TARTE Omotesando
Address: 1F, 3-10-14 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo  〒107-0061
Opening hour:11:00〜19:00
Close on Monday (will open when a national holiday falls on Monday)

SO TARTE Harajuku
Address: 1F 1-18-7 Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 〒151-0064
Opening hour:11:00〜19:00
Close on Monday (will open when a national holiday falls on Monday).