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Jidoriya, a Chicken-Specialty Restaurant in Beppu

Beppu city in Oita Prefecture has been chosen by foreign students for study with its great study programme. In that Beppu city, there is a chicken-specialty restaurant called Jidoriya (地鶏家) that is serving chicken menu using halal chicken!

Jidoriya is the first restaurant in Japan that is serving Oita and Kyushu’s well-known cuisine, such as halal mizutaki (boiled chicken), halal chicken BBQ, halal toriten (chicken tempura), halal chicken namban (fried chicken with vinegar and tartar sauce) etc.


Chicken cutlet


Chicken namban

Chef of Jidoriya is a Beppu HALAL cooking researcher that is conducting research towards halal Japanese cuisine together with Beppu mosque and Muslim students of APU.

Halal Menu

Jidoriya is using halal chicken as well as halal seasonings and halal-only cooking utensils.

Halal chicken

Halal chicken

Halal seasoning

Halal seasoning

Halal-only cooking utensils


12 min walk from Beppu Daigaku station

About Jidoriya

13-17 Shouhaenmachi, Beppu-shi, Oita 874-0031
[Lunch] 11:30-14:00 [Dinner]17:00-22:00
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