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IKEA which is mostly situated far from the center of the city which needs a car to reach the nearest branch. Recently IKEA opens in the teenagers’ area, Harajuku and Shibuya bring their various popular products to the city and way easier to be accessed. Furthermore, IKEA has a line-up of plant-based products besides their signature home furnishing.

IKEA Harajuku sits in front of the JR Harajuku st Omotesando exit

Plant-Based Instant Ramen

The first product that catches our eyes is 100% plant-based ramen, a new healthier alternative to instant ramen. Available in salt and curry flavor, the instant ramen is comparatively calorie (plant-based ramen salt flavor (green) 153 kcal and curry flavor 171 kcal) with cooking time 5 mins and at an affordable price of 190 yen.

Instant ramen display

There are marks that show that it is a completely plant-based, non-fry, with no chemical seasoning, no palm oil.

Salt Flavor

It has plenty of vegetables (green onion, cabbage, and corn) with a soft-textured noodle that coated-well with the soup and has a refreshing taste.

Curry Flavor

The curry flavor tastes mild with a slight sweetness at first then a punch of spices as the aftertaste without too thick. Also has plenty of vegetables (cabbage, corn, carrot, and potato). The noodles also soft-textured and covered well with the curry soup.

Plant-Based Meatball

If you are looking for a plant-based meatball without an annoying odor that usually attached to some plant-based meat product, this plant-based meatball from IKEA is a must-try. IKEA’s huvudroll or vegetable meatball is made from pea with less (almost none!) odor and tastes more delicious with an authentic meat-like texture. You will not even notice!

Available in 500 gr with a price of 599 yen.

Huvudroll refrigerator at IKEA Harajuku

Huvudroll is available frozen

Made with pea protein

Even though it is made from pea, the pea tastes nice and does not too strong. Since it is a frozen product, you can use the amount you need and then put it again in the freezer. You can put the meatballs in the oven or simply grill them on the frypan before eating.

In IKEA Harajuku, there is a cafe and restaurant on the 2nd floor, serving plant-based and vegan-friendly meals, from vegan sausage tunnbrod (flatbread) and plant-based ice cream (strawberry and sundae) to vegan soy/almond/oats latte and organic drinks

Cheese veggie sausage and soy latte

IKEA Harajuku Vegetarian/Vegan Food Menu

IKEA Shibuya Vegetarian/Vegan Food Menu

If you happen to be in IKEA, you can look at the plant-based products which are nice to the body and also to the earth.