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Delighting Taste Buds with the Launch of OKOMETO

In an exciting development for ice cream enthusiasts and environmentally conscious consumers alike, Morinaga Company is set to release its groundbreaking plant-based rice milk ice cream, OKOMETO, on March 18, 2024.

This marks Morinaga’s challenge in creating rice-based plant milk desserts, a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to offering delightful treats that are kind to the heart, body, and environment.

*not a dairy product

Available in both vanilla and chocolate flavors, OKOMETO is designed to be enjoyed by everyone, offering a delicious and inclusive dessert option. Sold on Amazon and through select companies, this launch is poised to make a significant impact on the market.

OKOMETO’s Distinctive Features

One of OKOMETO’s standout features is its primary use of domestically produced rice milk and rice flour, with all its sugar derived from beet sugar.

Leveraging Morinaga’s expertise in creating flavors from rice-based ingredients like rice koji and sake lees, as well as the confectionery company’s skill in taste creation, OKOMETO achieves a smooth texture, rich taste, and gentle sweetness without the use of dairy products.

The development of OKOMETO represents a collaborative effort that included feedback from various perspectives, including rice flour chefs, rice flour snack researchers, and parents of children with food allergies recruited through the company’s fan site.

Utilizing familiar domestic rice to create rice milk and rice flour, OKOMETO is crafted without the use of 28 common allergenic substances, including animal-derived ingredients, dairy, eggs, and soy, ensuring a product that is as delicious as it is conscientious.


The vanilla flavor of OKOMETO highlights the subtle sweetness of rice, combined with a smooth texture and a rich taste that finishes with a refreshing aftertaste, making it an easily enjoyable treat for all.


Rice products (made in Japan), malt syrup, sugar (beet sugar), inulin, vegetable fats and oils, powdered malt syrup, rice flour, salt, vanilla beans/flavoring, emulsifiers, and stabilizers.

*Manufactured on the equipment that also processes products containing wheat, eggs, and milk.

OKOMETO Chocolate

The chocolate flavor utilizes patented cocoa mass and cocoa extract to achieve a smooth texture that satisfies the chocolate cravings of both children and adults, offering a genuine and sophisticated chocolate experience.


Rice products (domestic manufacture), sugar (beet sugar), malt syrup, inulin, powdered malt syrup, vegetable fats and oils, cocoa powder, cocoa mass, cocoa extract, salt/flavoring, emulsifiers, and stabilizers.

*Manufactured on the equipment that also processes products containing wheat, eggs, and milk.

Morinaga’s innovative approach not only introduces a novel ice cream experience but also addresses the growing demand for plant-based and allergen-free options.

OKOMETO is not just an ice cream; it’s a step towards a more inclusive and environmentally friendly dessert option that doesn’t compromise on taste.

As Morinaga continues to innovate, OKOMETO is set to become a beloved staple for those seeking delicious, plant-based dessert options.