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New Plant-Based Options from Gongcha

Gongcha Japan has announced an exciting addition to its menu, introducing two plant-based milk options, “Almond Milk” and “Oat Milk,” in five select stores starting September 14, 2023. Among Gong Cha’s popular tea series, this customization is initially available for the “Milk Tea” category, including the “Milk Tea” series, the “Brown Sugar Milk Tea” series, and the seasonal tea recommendations.

The introduction of these plant-based milk options stems from a desire to enhance the modern tea experience and make it even more delightful. Extensive testing with various plant-based milks, including soy milk, led to the selection of “Almond Milk” and “Oat Milk” to maximize the flavor of Gongcha’s teas.

Flavor Highlights of Plant-Based Milk

Almond Milk Almond Milk boasts a gentle, nutty aroma and a rich, smooth texture, offering a refreshing and clean taste.

Oat Milk Oat Milk features a subtle sweetness and a crisp finish, complementing Gong Cha’s tea aromas perfectly.

Notably, these plant-based milk options are available for a range of Gong Cha’s signature tea offerings, including:

Classic “Milk Tea” Series

  • Oolong Milk Tea
  • Black Milk Tea
  • Alishan Oolong Milk Tea
  • Earl Grey Milk Tea

Rich and Flavorful “Brown Sugar” Series

  • Brown Sugar Oolong Milk Tea
  • Brown Sugar Black Milk Tea
  • Brown Sugar Earl Grey Milk Tea

Seasonal Tea Recommendations

  • Green Rooibos Milk Tea (Available from September 14th to October 1st)

You can enhance your tea experience with either Almond Milk or Oat Milk for an additional cost of 50 yen, tax included. These options are available at the following Gongcha locations: Arche Omiya Store, Ecute Ueno Store, Lalaport Toyosu Store, Shinjuku Mylord Store, and Namba CITY Store. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your tea enjoyment with these plant-based milk choices.

Please note that delivery orders are not eligible for this customization. Gongcha also plans to expand these options’ availability to more products and stores in the future.

The introduction of plant-based milk options is an exciting development for tea lovers, offering a fresh and contemporary twist on traditional tea flavors. Whether you’re a fan of classic milk tea or looking for something unique, Gongcha’s new almond and oat milk options are set to elevate your tea experience. Don’t miss the chance to try them at select stores starting September 14, 2023!