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A Must-Visit Halal Ramen Shops You Should Try in Tokyo

Ramen has been a very popular dish among Muslim travelers when visiting Japan, especially since ramen often appears in Japanese anime broadcasts worldwide.

In the recent few years, the need for halal ramen has been extremely high which makes the number of halal ramen shops rapidly increasing in Japan, especially in places crowded with customers such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto.

This time we would like to introduce the halal ramen shops you should try in Tokyo!

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Honolu Ramen (Ebisu)

Honolu Ramen opened its first halal ramen shop in Ebisu close to the shopping area Ebisu Garden Place. The ramen is made from a thick chicken broth and chewy noodles with a variety of toppings. Their spicy ramen is very popular among Muslim customers.

They also have selectable chicken or beef bento for another delectable option.


10 min walk from the JR Ebisu station East exit (you can reach the shop easily through Ebisu Sky Walk that connects Ebisu station East exit to Ebisu Garden Palace)


(Ramen) 1,080 yen~


Ayam-YA Shin-Okachimachi

Ayam-YA Shin-Okachimachi is a popular ramen shop in the Ueno area, the only ramen shop available near Asakusa. Their spicy ramen is one of the most popular meals among foreigners, it has a strong punch of spices you should challenge!

If you are willing to have a more traditional taste, you can choose salt or shoyu-based ramen.

Have your ramen topped with karaage for a more satisfying mealtime?


10 min walk from Tawaramachi station on Ginza Line.


900 yen~