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Unlocking Opportunities for Indonesians in Indonesia with Career Diversity Inc.’s New Platform

Are you an Indonesian dreaming of studying or working in Japan? If so, you’re not alone. Japan’s rich culture, booming economy, and high-quality education system make it an attractive destination for many.

However, the path to pursuing your dreams in Japan might seem daunting due to the lack of accessible information and language barriers.

But worry not, because Career Diversity Inc. has just launched an incredible platform, “KapanJepan,” designed exclusively for Indonesians looking to make their mark in Japan. Let’s dive into what makes KapanJepan the perfect companion on your journey to Japan.

Issues Solved by KapanJepan

For Indonesians

Until now, many Indonesians faced challenges when seeking information about studying and working in Japan. The limited availability of information in Indonesia made it difficult to make informed decisions about their future in Japan. With KapanJepan, this problem is solved as the platform provides comprehensive information in Indonesian, empowering Indonesians to chart their own career paths.

Additionally, KapanJepan enables users to complete all necessary preparations online, from gathering information and career counseling to admission procedures and job application assistance. This means you can plan your journey to Japan without the need for expensive agents.
For Japanese Companies and Schools

Japanese companies and schools often had to rely on traditional methods to reach potential Indonesian talent, such as visiting various parts of Indonesia for recruitment. KapanJepan changes the game by reducing the resources required to connect with Indonesians considering studying or working in Japan. It also reaches a wider audience, ensuring that the best talent finds its way to Japan.

Features of KapanJepan

(1) Specialized Service in Indonesian:

KapanJepan recognizes that Indonesian is the official language of Indonesia, and most Indonesians prefer to gather information in their native language. Therefore, the platform provides school information, job listings, and more in Indonesian, ensuring that it meets the needs of Indonesian users.

(2) All-in-One Support:

KapanJepan is your one-stop solution, covering everything you need when considering studying in Japan, from school information to job listings and career change guidance. The platform is designed for long-term use and plans to expand its services related to studying abroad and job hunting in the future.

(3) Local Educational Alliances:

Career Diversity Inc. is actively forming partnerships with local high schools, universities, and educational startups in Indonesia. This approach allows them to tap into a user base that other services may not reach, making KapanJepan a powerful tool for attracting Indonesian talent to Japan.

Connect with KapanJepan

Ready to embark on your journey to Japan? Visit the KapanJepan website at and follow them on Instagram (@kapanjepan) and LinkedIn (KapanJepan) for updates and valuable insights.

About Career Diversity Inc.

Career Diversity Inc. is dedicated to helping its customers seize opportunities worldwide, from recruiting global talent to conducting overseas market research and marketing. To learn more about their services, visit their website at or contact them at

KapanJepan is your bridge to Japan, offering comprehensive support to turn your dreams into reality. Don’t miss this opportunity to make Japan your next destination!

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