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Supermarket With a Lot of Halal Foods in Saitama!

Bongo Bazar managed by Padma Halal Food, a company that supplies halal foods in Japan, opened in Misato-shi, Saitama Prefecture. The company used to offer halal products through its online shop, then opened its first supermarket which was then loved by Muslims in Japan as well as Japanese citizens living nearby.


It takes approximately 20 mins to walk from JR Shin-Misato station. We recommend going by car for convenient access. They have a parking area for cars and bicycles.

Various Halal Meat!

The supermarket sells a variety of foods, especially international foods such as from South Asia and South East Asia besides Japan’s domestic products. The most attractive is the variety of halal meats! Vary from beef and chicken products to mutton, available in big-size frozen, fresh, and processed meat (sausages, etc).

If it might be difficult to find dice-cut meat, you can get it easily at Bongo Bazar!

For those who want to try vegan foods, you can get vegan (and gluten-free!) gyoza!

They also offer halal bento so make sure to visit the bento corner!

Don’t Miss Rare Fruits!

Bongo Bazar offers a wide variety of imported fruits that are rarely found in Japan, such as papaya and mangosteen. If you’re lucky, you might find durian too!

Identify Halal/Muslim Friendly by Simple Easy-to-Understand Symbolizing

Bongo Bazar welcomes both Muslims and Japanese customers. There is a clear sign to identify each product.

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About Bongo Bazar

3-208-1 Hikonari, Misato-shi, Saitama Prefecture 〒341-0003
Opening Hours