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Halal Groceries at Gyomu Super

Gyomu Super is one of the largest supermarkets in Japan selling a wide variety of halal food products and directly-imported products in a  large size but reasonable! The supermarket has been a hero for Muslim residents in finding their halal groceries since it is easily found across Japan.

In Gyomu Super, there are halal meats and halal seasonings to halal snacks and sweets. Besides halal products from countries, you can find halal Japanese products such as halal soy sauce! It is pretty easy to find where the halal products are displayed. We just need to find a halal food banner (which is pretty huge!) and there it is! Various halal products are ready to be picked up! Some products might be displayed in other places but also easily found since it has a “halal” tag. The product variety is increased regularly that Muslims are looking forward to.

In this video, we got an opportunity to coverage halal products in Gyomu Super. Please have a look!

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