Let’s Cook Japanese Food With All-Halal Ingredients!

Talking about Japanese food, you might become up with some general options of Japanese food that is well-known internationally. In the real Japanese home, one of the most popular yet classic home cooking is a meal called “oyakodon” (親子丼). It is a bowl of rice topped with chicken and egg which is seasoned with umami-rich dashi(stock)-based sauce which will take you less than 30 minutes to serve. Literally, “oyako”(親子)means “parents” and “child”, refers to chicken as “parents” and egg as “child”.

Ingredients Needed

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・Chicken thigh (200 gr)
・Onion (1/2)
・Water (120 ccs)
・Halal soy sauce (2 tablespoons)
・Japanese stock (1 tablespoon)
・Honey or brown sugar syrup (1 tablespoon)

*Common oyakodon uses mirin to add sweetness, but we can substitute it with honey or brown sugar syrup.

How To Cook

You have tender chicken and soft creamy egg over a fluffy bed of rice. The rice absorbs delicious dashi sauce and every mouthful is sweet-salty-savory. Here you have it: a belly-filling, delicious comfort meal in one bowl.

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Halal Food at Japanese Supermarket; Your Halal Needs at Gyomu Super!