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Gunma Prefecture Goes Vegan

Gunma Prefecture, which is known as a prefecture rich in agriculture situated in northern Tokyo, produces and manufactures a number of vegan products. It was focused on JETRO Gunma who does promotion in inbound and export in various ways. This time, we have collected information on our efforts so far. We hope that you will take a look at this advanced initiative in Japan as well.

JETRO Gunma’s Official Documents


Videos of Vegan Chef Inspection Tour Overseas (Past 2 times)

GUNMA VEGAN Project (2019.3) Japanese

GUNMA VEGAN Project (2019.10) Japanese

Gunma Vegan Project (2019.3) English

Gunma Vegan Project (2019.10) English

Virtual Industry Inspection Video (6 companies, 3 mins each)

GUNMA VEGAN ( Kojiya / 糀屋 )


GUNMA VEGAN ( Yukiguni Aguri / 雪国アグリ ) 

GUNMA VEGAN ( Tsutomu Foods / ツトム食品 ) 

GUNMA VEGAN ( Negishi Bussan / 根岸物産 ) 

GUNMA VEGAN ( Say Inc. / せい ) 

Seminar for information dissemination

■27 June 2019
“Gunma Prefecture Friendly Goes Food Diversity~Vegan” seminar in Gunma (Report)

■2 Dec 2020
Vegan Practical Seminar in Takasaki, Gunma (Report)

Activity Report on Instagram